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The Global Standard For Capability building and Project Evaluation

The abdi ROI Methodology is renowned as the gold standard in workplace capability building and project evaluation. Having worked with clients in various sectors all over the world, it's a win-win situation for your project and your company to benefit from our expertise.
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abdi's new postgraduate certificate programme

In addition to our highly successful ladder of professional awards, abdi has launched a new ladder of academic qualifications leading to a postgraduate certificate in Impact and Performance Measurment. Click here to find out about our new Academic Route and Click here to find out how to apply

Edexcel ROI UK Practitioner Award

The ROI UK Practitioner Award (BTEC 7) is currently the highest professional ROI qualification in the UK, accredited by awarding body Edexcel. To pass the assessment a full planning, measurement, results report and case study evaluation using the abdi ROI Methodology must be submitted.
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Training grants upto £1000

Grants of up to £1,000 are available to help leaders of eligible organisations pay for training and development to help their organisations grow.

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Latest Announcement

Jane Massy introduces our new postgraduate certificate programme (Click on the video below)

Who are we?

We are a professional services firm working with private, public and social enterprise clients assisting them plan, measure and report the benefits including impact outcomes and value (ROI) of their projects and programmes.

We provide consulting, coaching, workshops, professional qualifications in evaluation, analytics tools and templates, research and reports to support our clients through improvements in investment planning, monitoring and reporting (up to an including ROI).

We provide a full assessment service through a ladder of the UKs only accredited professional & academic qualifications in planning, measurement and reporting of human capital investments.

What services do we offer?

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Your say

Do you think our University accredited Higher Education Training Programme on Impact and Performance Measurement can be useful for your organisation?

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“This programme has illustrated to me how I can really add value within my organisation.”

Nicholla Povey, BT, after attending abdi's in-house workshop for BT executives

“abdi's ROI methodology workshop was perhaps the most innovative training I have ever received. This could be revolutionary for our market and enable our business to become the leading regional provider.”

Steve Walker, SWA

Read case studies of the methodology in use in the workplace.


abdi's client list of blue-chip multinationals and major public sector organisations speaks for itself.


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